A Canadian Contemporary Lifestyle Brand Rooted in Iranian Heritage

Meet the fashion designer behind Golshaah, Golnar Ahmadian.

Toronto-based fashion and lifestyle brand Golshaah began as an experiment. An architect turned fashion designer, Golnar Ahmadian started her label, Golshaah, in 2019, initially as a platform for interior design projects, and later a space for fashion styling, before creating a fully fledged fashion brand with the first knitwear collection.

The Golshaah fashion aesthetic, seen on Canadians Jenny Bird, designer of the eponymous jewellery line, and actor Karine Vanasse, is characterized by its contemporary, structured, and masculine-leaning designs with a focus on layered elements. Born and raised in Iran, Ahmadian says her cultural heritage has profoundly influenced both the her style and work. “I’ve always been deeply passionate about our rich culture and history, striving to reinterpret it in a modern context that resonates with people from diverse backgrounds. Today, wearing tailored, structured clothing feels incredibly empowering. It’s a blend of strength and femininity that defies traditional notions of femininity in contemporary fashion.”



Ahmadian’s background in architecture is evident in the clothing she designs. The precise tailoring, layered pieces, and voluminous shapes look like art pieces hanging in a wardrobe. The brand’s neutral colour palette and versatility contribute to the ease of building a wardrobe, whether collecting statement pieces or items for everyday wear. “It’s important to me that they feel empowered to express themselves by styling my pieces in various ways, whether casually or formally, and incorporating them into their own personal style narratives,” Ahmadian says.

When conceptualizing new pieces begins with a few initial ideas, Ahmadian is continuously refining them while remaining open to evolution and change until the moment the collection is unveiled. “Architectural forms, art, and design all play a significant role in informing my design process.”





Golshaah’s spring/summer 2024 collection was inspired by Tehran’s colourful spring flowers. It maintains the brand’s identity of consistent shapes and structured pieces but also infuses new flowery colours.

Following in the footsteps of top Canadian talents, Beaufille, Sid Neigum and newcomer Wanze Song, Golshaah is carving out a distinctive name for itself both at home and abroad. Produced locally and made-to-order, the clothing was recently presented in a showroom in Paris.

“Paris has always been a city that encourages me, and I’ve always dreamed of showing my collection there,” Ahmadian says. “I believe the city’s vibe has influenced me in many ways, and presenting my pieces there would let people see them in the same way they inspired me.”






Featuring innovative structured layers, technical intricacies and beautiful fabrics, Golshaah pieces fit in on the streets of fashion capitals and in stores such as Dover Street Market in London or The Corner in Berlin.

And now, since kitchen designer Majid Darabiha came on board, Golshaah has become a lifestyle brand, expanding to include Persian-style furniture and accessories, merging Ahmadian’s two passions: architecture and fashion.