A Soft Focus of Winter in Sweden

Accidentally Wes Anderson.

Gustav Gräll, a freelance photographer based in Stockholm, works mainly for publications in Sweden, putting the country’s different seasons, buildings, and people into focus. It was after years of travelling that he realized the best pictures were at home. The Swedish saying Gräv där du star (“Dig where you stand”) means to look for the possibilities around you—which can feel like a cliché. In this case, it was just that simple.

For an outsider looking in, Gräll’s photography feels as if you are there walking with a local guide, catching glimpses of life and winter in Sweden. Featuring mostly primary colours, it evokes an “accidentally Wes Anderson” style of work.



Gustav Gräll photography


Photography Gustav Gräll winter


Swedish neighbourhood



Swedish park winter


Winter in Sweden


Sweden building in winter

Hotell Sweden


Gustav Gräll Sweden



Photographer Gustav Gräll Sweden



To see more of Gräll’s work, visit his Instagram @gustavgrall.