Golden Nectar

Glenmorangie’s Nectar D’Òr.

NUVO Blog: Glenmorangie Nectar D’Òr

Whisky à la Glenmorangie always warms the soul whether taken neat, with a drop of water, or even with a cube or two of ice. A favourite whisky from the Scottish distillery is Nectar D’Òr, given the name of gold—in Gaelic—because it’s basically as good as it gets. The single-malt spirit is a gourmand’s dream tipple, and the heady spirit undergoes two steps of maturation; the first, in Glenmorangie’s own ex-bourbon casks for a minimum of 10 years, and the second, in hand-selected Sauternes wine barriques. The result is a syrupy elixir, extra-dark in colour, with a sweet aroma akin to an open patisserie case. The finish is all vanilla cream and lemon zest—or, tarte tatin and crème caramel, if you have the nose of a professional.