4 Works of Residential Architecture That Epitomize the Summer Home

Design sunshine.

Some houses are made for summer. They take advantage of the light that the summer provides, focus on outdoor spaces, and, of course, usually come with a pool to cool down on hot days.

In designing a summer home, the trend seems to be to embrace glass and wood in order to create a feeling of seamless continuity with the surroundings. Summer architecture, in theory, would create a vibe that perpetuates warm-weather feelings throughout the year, and the outdoor spaces are the stuff of movies and memory.

Whether in British Columbia or deep in the forests of Costa Rica, these homes are sure to inspire the dreams that make summer homes so magical.


Photography by Bob Canfield courtesy of v2com.

Lobos View

Carmel-by-the-Sea, United States

Studio Schicketanz has created a series of houses that celebrate the California coast. Lobos View is made of fine wood and stone, with a planted roof that makes the home feel literally a part of California’s endless summer. The exterior camouflages the texturally lush yet clean interior, so that the days can move from play by the pool to refined dinners inside.


Photography by Julien Kerdraon, courtesy of v2com.

TRA House in a City Centre

Castries, France

Combining minimalism with old European flair in an restructured stone building in the heart of a French village near Montpellier, the design by (ma!ca) architecture allows for an enjoyment of the historical South of France summers. The whole house is focused around the patio/pool combination, showing the importance of outdoor leisure to the whole concept.


Photography by Ema Peter.

Deep Cove House

North Vancouver, British Columbia

D’Arcy Jones Architects has constructed a house in the area between Vancouver and the B.C. wilderness, and while location does not have the lengthy summers of other residences on this list, this home embodies the perpetuation of the summer into the cooler months through design. With a sauna, gym, and gorgeous pool, the house is made to fit into the landscape and to allow residents to take as much advantage of the summer as possible.


Photography by BoysPlayNice.

Atelier Costa Rica

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Studio Formafatal is an architecture firm to watch. Here, it has constructed an open-concept house that channels industrial inspiration while still being immersed in nature. Beautiful tile and complete exposure to the surrounding environment thanks to the glass walls allow visitors to take in all that the Central American summer has to offer.


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