Miami is known for its dynamic nightlife and sandy white beaches, but this vibrant city by the sea is also home to a fantastic culinary scene.

With its thriving and diverse culinary scene, top-notch restaurants, and more than 500 food carts throughout the city serving everything from barbecue tacos to sushi rolls, Portland is a food destination with neighbourhoods that each have their own food flair.

With farmers and fishermen producing a bounty of fresh local ingredients from land and sea, Prince Edward Island has been dubbed Canada’s Food Island. It’s no wonder celebrated chef and cookbook writer Michael Smith planted his roots on the island several years back.

New York Times bestselling author Anna Kloots is basking in her own magic. After a few years of love, loss, and new beginnings, she is enjoying l’art de vivre, living in Paris, where she just released a memoir, My Own Magic: A Reappearing Act. NUVO Magazine caught up with her to chat about her love for Paris and what prompted her to write her memoir.

At first glance from across the Nogat River, Malbork Castle appears to tower over the surrounding town. The world’s largest castle, dating back to the 13th century, it is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

The best place in the world to find the highest-quality amber is the terrain surrounding the Baltic Sea. Ninety percent of the world’s amber comes from the Baltic, and one city in particular, Gdańsk in Poland, is touted as the amber capital of the world.

The Yukon conjures up images of Canada’s last frontier, a place where the vast expanse of nature far surpasses the population. Adventure seekers from around the globe travel to the Yukon in search of the northern lights and to try their hands at dog sledding.

The Icelandic horse has played an integral role in the country’s history and mythology for centuries. This hardy horse was brought to the island by the Vikings over a thousand years ago. Since then, these gallant creatures have adapted and thrived through cold, dark winters, strong winds, and harsh conditions.

Bangkok is a city of contrasts, where modernity coincides with tradition. Tuk tuks whizz by at top speed, and modern buildings tower overhead, creating a captivating cityscape. There is so much to discover in Bangkok by meandering along the city streets and through the neighbourhoods, each one distinctive.