The Indomitable Icelandic Horse: A Photographic Journey

Inquisitive, calm, and sweet natured.

The Icelandic horse has played an integral role in the country’s history and mythology for centuries. This hardy horse was brought to the island by the Vikings over a thousand years ago. Since then, these gallant creatures have adapted and thrived through cold, dark winters, strong winds, and harsh conditions. Icelandic horses have an almost innate ability to cross rough terrain and are incredible swimmers.



Perhaps it is its tenacity that makes the treasured Icelandic horse not only resilient but also inquisitive, calm, and sweet natured. One of the most distinctive features of this unique breed is that it is one of the few horses in the world with five natural gaits. The most famous is the tolt, which makes for a smoother ride than the expected up-and-down motion. You will not find another breed of horse in the country, so getting up close and personal with these beauties is a must on a trip to Iceland.


Where to Ride: Laxnes Horse Farm is the oldest tour operator in Iceland. The family-owned farm has been around since the late 1960s, offering daily rides with stunning mountain views just outside Reykjavik. And for fantasy buffs, some of the Laxnes horses have been used in shows like Game of Thrones.”

Fly: Direct flights from Vancouver to Reykjavík, Iceland, resume May 2023 with Icelandair.