An impressive number of bookstores have cropped up across Montreal, offering unique reads, one-of-a-kind designs, and personalized service.

The MAA is one of the oldest sports clubs in North America, and as its earliest members quickly racked up a dizzying list of athletic feats, including winning the first ever Stanley Cup, Grey Cup and Olympic Gold for Canada.

Wills Beer addresses a gap in the Quebec beer market, between old-school lagers and kitschy new experimental brews.

The first of its kind in Montreal, Sabbya is a wellness hub that offers both noninvasive treatments and medical aesthetics, as well as an adaptogen bar and full thermal circuit.

Regardless of what creative exploit she takes on, a fundamental part of Evelyne Brochu always shines through, a bit of her soul that gives her performances a level of depth, whether on an album or a screen.

The vintage furniture landscape is changing, as are the demands of the modern online consumer—and Montreal’s vendors are changing along with them.

Siblings Christiane and Jean-Yves Germain founded Canada’s first boutique hotel 30 years ago. Today, Group Germain, which is still a family-run business, operates a Canada-wide network of want-to-stay-at hotels.