In 1964, Kenzo Takada embarked on a grand adventure, leaving Japan for Paris, where he began designing garments the fashion world was not accustomed to.

David Harbour acts within worlds of darkness. In that realm, unflinching and impenetrable, the Stranger Things actor has found his unlikely niche.

Anthony Bourdain has built a reputation on his willingness to try every food at least once. His latest cookbook, Appetites, is unsurprisingly laden with f-bombs as he holds forth on the basics of home cooking.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Rachel Feinstein is known for conjuring fairy-tale worlds in her dynamic paintings, sculptures, and mise en scènes.

In a weird world that’s getting weirder every day, Karim Rashid is the designer we deserve.

Francesca Amfitheatrof, Tiffany & Co.’s ambitious new design director, isn’t afraid to think outside the little blue box.

From selling bell-bottoms to school friends as a teenager to running a billion-dollar global empire, Tommy Hilfiger is a master of reinvention.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Don of contemporary furniture Giulio Cappellini has had a decades-long career helming the family business. The architect, art director, and talent scout of international design excellence focuses on real products, not on lifestyle.

Gazing out over the soaring Manhattan skyline with the warm afternoon sunlight streaming into the office, Prosper and Martine Assouline are like a tale of two cities. Prosper is a bundle of restless energy, chatting avidly, while Martine has a poised Parisienne elegance. Together, the co-founders of Assouline Publishing exude warmth and wit, with a joie de vivre that is all-encompassing.

Renowned architect and designer David Rockwell is a man of many, many talents. With projects ranging from restaurants, Broadway shows, and hotels to airport terminals and museums, he has an uncanny ability to create immersive and compelling spaces that are as dynamic as his personality.