Stuart Vevers, executive creative director for Coach, is a Yorkshireman who has an obsession with all things American. As Coach celebrates its 75th anniversary, Vevers discusses his plan for the classic brand.

From growing up on a cider farm to building a global fashion brand, Alice Temperley has had the opportunity to live and breathe her very own English fairy tale. Now, she embarks on an exciting new chapter.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: When perched at the open-air bar on the rooftop of the Hotel Grande Bretagne, as the sun slips behind the honey-hued Acropolis, it’s clear why this palatial property is known as the Grande Dame of Athens. While the views from the rooftop are breathtaking, so is its rich history.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: You might expect the aesthetic of Gabrielecorto Moltedo, who grew up as a scion of the Bottega Veneta empire, to be one of understated luxury. But although he has tapped into his heritage of exceptional Italian craftsmanship, he is out on his own when it comes to design.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Twisting around in her chair, Maria Giul­­ia Maramotti reveals the words “Gimme Shelter” on the nape of her neck, a tribute to her style icon, Keith Richards. This sums up Maramotti—a rock-and-roll-loving free spirit who effortlessly balances this with her role as North American retail director for esteemed Italian clothing giant Max Mara.

From selling bell-bottoms to school friends as a teenager to running a billion-dollar global empire, Tommy Hilfiger is a master of reinvention.

FROM THE ARCHIVE:Flying by helicopter from Nice’s Côte d’Azur Airport to the Hôtel de Paris in Monte Carlo this year seems apt since it’s the 60th anniversary of Ian Fleming’s creation of the James Bond character. The opulent five-star hotel was used as a filming location for GoldenEye and Never Say Never Again.

As you whiz through brilliant turquoise waters to the Caribbean hideaway of Necker Island by speedboat, with the ocean spray blasting your face and the engine roar only punctuated by the pop of a champagne-bottle cork, it’s easy to lose yourself in the moment.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Farmiga, who grew up in New Jersey, wore glasses as a child. As a result, she set her sights on becoming an optometrist—until she discovered acting.

Men deserve a bit of glamour in their lives,” declares Marlon Gobel, cradling a gold, scarlet-soled, spiked loafer in his hands. It is one of 33 styles created by the world’s most lionized shoemaker, Christian Louboutin, for Gobel’s whimsical fall/winter 2011 collection.

Gazing out over the soaring Manhattan skyline with the warm afternoon sunlight streaming into the office, Prosper and Martine Assouline are like a tale of two cities. Prosper is a bundle of restless energy, chatting avidly, while Martine has a poised Parisienne elegance. Together, the co-founders of Assouline Publishing exude warmth and wit, with a joie de vivre that is all-encompassing.

Stretching out under powder-blue skies and tall palm trees by the dazzling mosaic pool at the newly opened Villa by Barton G. in Miami, Florida, I’m in vacation heaven. What makes this getaway unique is that this is the legendary former beachfront home of late fashion designer Gianni Versace.

What happens when you bring together avant-garde Dutch industrial designer Marcel Wanders with legendary 246-year-old French luxury crystal brand Baccarat?