Chelsea Handler said her new Netflix show would disrupt the late night talk show genre. On Chelsea, there is no mandatory opening monologue or house band. Handler is the celebrity, and she talks as much as the people she interviews—and the world is listening.

Royal Wood had a problem. The singer-songwriter had fallen out of love. But not with a person, with something potentially more devastating—with music.

Harry Connick, Jr. likes to be in control. Since he released his self-titled debut vocal album at the age of 21 in 1988, he has handled all creative decisions about his music. For his new album, That Would Be Me, Connick handed over the reins, but not without considerable jitters.

Michael Shannon has a brooding presence and, much like his work, affects you in a way you are unable to forget.

At a time when so much pop music reverberates like the mindless backing track to a pep rally, it should come as no surprise that Sook-Yin Lee wanted the debut from her experimental duo, Jooj, to sound nothing like the status quo. After all, she’s been going against the grain all her life.

Tucked away on a nondescript Hollywood street, a few hundred feet from a grey, thrumming cement-mixing plant, stands luxury boutique Just One Eye.

A lot has happened to the members of Alabama Shakes since the release of their 2012 debut album, Boys & Girls.

You might say Stevie Blacke likes to string people along. In a continually shrinking music industry, the Berklee College of Music graduate has found the ultimate way to provide more with less by creating entire string sections by himself.

For 33 years, Paloma Picasso, the youngest child of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and French artist Françoise Gilot, has inspired devotion among women. Picasso’s bold, sensual designs and her use of coloured gemstones have resulted in some of Tiffany & Co.’s acclaimed showpieces.