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The Most Romantic Place in Toronto

Midnight at the Adelaide Hotel spa.

Swimming pools have long conveyed luxury, but moreover, derive much of their allure from the thrumming undercurrent of (we’re all adults here) eroticism their mere presence suggests. Swimming pools are sexy—Slim Aarons knew that, David Hockney knew that, a whole phalanx of Old Hollywood starlets posing waterside with their stomachs sucked in and toes pointed knew that.

So naturally, planning a poolside pas de deux would be highly appropriate for Valentine’s Day, or any romantic occasion for that matter, and now Toronto’s five-diamond Adelaide Hotel (soon to become Canada’s first St. Regis Hotel) is inviting you to do just that with their new Midnight at the Spa package. The concept: you rent the entire 31st floor, 15,000-square-foot spa for a private night of indulgence opening with a two-hour couple’s massage, centering around a candlelit evening spent in the petal-flecked salt waters of the hotel’s infinity pool overlooking the twinkling skyline, and (ahem) climaxing with an evening spent in a Grand Deluxe suite complete with its own (say it with us) European-style wet bar.

If the thrills aren’t yet coursing down your spine, know this evening comes with a personal concierge and a Bentley you are entirely permitted to commandeer for late night fried chicken should you wish. Oh, and the experience is customizable—meaning, we imagine, a recreation of the pool scene from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is technically possible. However you personalize it, Midnight at the Spa promises a chlorine-perfumed aura of fun.

Originally published January 26, 2018.


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