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The World’s Oldest Barbershop

Truefitt & Hill.

Style in Britain circa 1805 was basically however the monarch looked.

So when William Francis Truefitt opened his first barbershop in London that year, quickly becoming Court Hair Cutter, Court Head Dresser, and Wigmaker by Royal Appointment to His Majesty, King George III, the business of men’s luxury grooming really took off. Now, Truefitt & Hill is 210 years old, making it the (Guinness World Record’s book-approved) oldest barbershop in the world. In the interim, Charles Dickens and William Thackeray have referenced the allure of a good wet-shave by the company in the pages of their novels—an indulgence the line’s North American president, Linda Mountford, sees resonating with men today. “Whether men are remembering their fathers shaving with a brush or are just becoming more aware of taking better care of themselves, we’ve really seen the ritual of a wet shave being considered the mark of a true gentleman of any age,” says Mountford. And while the only Canadian Truefitt & Hill is located in Toronto, men nation-wide can order their impeccable grooming products and shaving requisites online. “Our core shaving products have a very high level of glycerine, allowing for a smoother glide and better protecting the skin,” explains Mountford.

They offer a shave that’s, quite literally, fit for a king.

Photos by Addie Chinn