The Breville Boss

Smooth operator.

NUVO Daily Edit: Breville Boss

High velocity performance and a heavy-duty motor are characteristics one would usually associate with the latest automotive release, but ever the innovator, Breville has released a new blending model for the kitchen that is teeming with power. The new Boss superblender is outfitted with all the bells and whistles that are usually listed as add-ons and upgrades amongst its competitors. Users can mill, chop, and purée in one BPA-free 2.0 litre jug using a manual speed control or one of five preset programs. The LCD timer and display panel show second-by-second timing, overload protection guards a 1,500-watt motor with a resettable thermal fuse, and a second set of wide blades accompanies its serrated central blades, so nary a food particle is missed. All this with power assist from a smartphone app and a comprehensive recipe book with a forward by Heston Blumenthal—the Boss is engineered to outperform the competition.