The lightest.

SUMMER CYCLES: When developing the Émonda SLR 10, cycling company Trek had one overarching goal: to build the lightest bike on the market.

Rebirth of a thoroughbred.

When one of the staunchest car brands in the business announced a return to racing in 2012, there was huge interest, tremendous excitement, and more than a little skepticism. Yet the Bentley Continental GT3 has proven to be very quick in its initial forays.

Smart cycling.

SUMMER CYCLES: The Valour, by Toronto-based Vanhawks, is likely the smartest bike you’ll ever ride. Poised to improve how and where you cycle, this is one of a new breed of smart bikes that collects data from your phone, your bike, and from other riders to create the best (and safest) cycling experience possible.

Off to the races.

The tradition of gentlemen (and women) racing stems not from a quest for fame or fortune, but rather from the desire to push both man and machine to the limits of their capabilities for sheer sport, bragging rights, and a well-deserved drink.

Steely steed.

SUMMER CYCLES: Hermès is no stranger to saddles and steeds. It is only natural then, that the equine-inspired French fashion house called upon some of its considerable construction skills when the time came to saddle up for a more leisurely ride.

Electric evolved.

SUMMER CYCLES: Inspired to create a smooth commute and eliminate the realities of spandex and uphill struggles, Dutch cycling company Vanmoof has introduced the 10 Electrified e-bike.

City cycle.

SUMMER CYCLES: Each model from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. is made to reflect the distinctive characteristics of its namesake city: accessible, durable, and original.

Changing the economics of electric cars.

By now, you’ve probably heard about Elon Musk. He’s the 42-year old serial entrepreneur with the funny name and a chinful of three-day stubble who’s trying to make the internal combustion engine go the way of the great auk.

Spyder sense.

Porsche’s revolutionary 918 Spyder plug-in convertible will ultimately be known for two mind-blowing achievements: first, for setting the fastest time around the famed Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit for a production car on street tires, at 6 minutes and 57 seconds; and second, for using less fuel than Toyota’s Prius hybrid.