Some Bubbly Reads for World Champagne Day


F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, “I’ll drink your champagne. I’ll drink every drop of it, I don’t care if it kills me.” While he was famously a booze hound, on world champagne day, you can see his point. It is a crying shame that one of the world’s best wines is only socially accepted to drink on special occasions. Today provides the perfect excuse to pop a bottle of fizz (or two) and emulate the characters from the Great Gatsby on a regular Friday. Fitzgerald isn’t the only cultural icon partial to champagn; he is in good company. For World Champagne Day, here are some of our favourite champagne related quotes side-by-side with a few of our bubbly stories.


On the Champagne Trail: Moët & Chandon in Épernay, France

“In a perfect world, everyone would have a glass of Champagne every evening.”

– Willie Gluckstern


Champagne, the One and Only

NUVO Magazine: Champagne

“Why do I drink Champagne for breakfast? Doesn’t everyone?”

– Noel Coward


Pairing Up: Krug and Music

Daily Edit: Krug and Music

“I only drink Champagne on two occasions, when I am in love and when I am not.”

– Coco Chanel


Moët & Chandon

NUVO Magazine: Moët & Chandon

“There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.”

– Bette Davis

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