Goodridge & Williams Craft Distillers’ Negroni

An homage to the great Italian aperitifs.

Local law enforcement may disagree, but summer’s parks and campgrounds call for a few chilled bottles of premixed craft cocktails. Vancouver distiller Goodridge & Williams Craft Distillers (named for the proprietors, est. 2013) obliges this summer with the barrel-aged B.C. Negroni, a blend of its Tempo Renovo Gin and Rubato aperitif—rhubarb macerated in wheat spirit, then blended with herbs and gentian.

The line of aperitifs to which Rubato belongs (also on offer: an orange, and a grapefruit flavoured aperitif) “came about as an homage to the great Italian brands like Campari and Aperol,” explains managing director Adam McDonnell. “Knowing that most North Americans aren’t raised drinking the traditional very sweet and very bitter European aperitifs and amaros, we wanted to make Rubato more fruit-forward with less bitterness and earthiness.” Rubato’s light, juicy profile (which, at 70 proof, still has some nice bitter, boozy heat) lets you forgo the traditional vermouth in Goodridge & Williams’ bottled Negroni.

When the bottles hit shelves early summer, just uncap, pour over ice if you’ve got it, and throw in some orange peel for fancy. Too much work? It’s already on tap at Craft Beer Kitchen and Rogue Broadway in Vancouver.


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