Lego Speed Champions Car Sets

Playtime Porsche.

While I’ve never been the type of adult who is drawn to toys, if Lego is going to produce a small vintage 911 in bright green, I’m buying it. One of two 911s in their recent Porsche addition to the Speed Champions line up, Lego has managed to rekindle my interest in their tiny blocks by speaking directly to my enduring love of cars.

While the Porsche set pairs a Turbo 3.0 with a modern RSR racecar, the Speed Champions line offers a rather wide range of enthusiast vehicles that would suggest the target audience is not your average nine-year-old. From a 1968 Mustang Fastback (in dark green with gold wheels) to a McLaren 720S, a Bugatti Chiron, and even a Ford Fiesta rally car, the selection is varied and clearly curated by some serious automotive enthusiasts.

The sets range from a single car for $19 to the Ferrari Ultimate Garage for $130, and the larger sets come with additional cars, Lego figurines, and more in the way of set pieces. In the case of the Ferrari Ultimate Garage, the set includes a garage, a section of a raceway, and three cars, including two Ferrari racecars and a very cool 250 GTO.

With the $40 Porsche set, the actual construction is quite simple (Lego recommends the set for ages seven to 14) and both cars hold a driver that can be placed in the cockpit via a removable roof segment. Both cars come with a complement of stickers, which do a good job of matching the graphics package of the actual 911 RSR racecars. My four-year-old daughter quickly commandeered the RSR and, thanks to its rolling wheels and matching driver, she continues to find it quite entertaining.

The Turbo 3.0 was quickly parked on a shelf above my desk and I rather like the way it sits amongst my sunglasses, keys, and stray watches. It’s a good approximation of a vintage 911 and I think that as either a toy or as a bit of desk dressing, this is a cool move by Lego.

While my siblings and I grew up playing with Lego, this the first set I’ve built since I was a child and I had a great time doing so. Not only did my daughter love the experience (and the resulting toy), but I also got to share just a little bit of my love for cars in a way that is entirely accessible to her. Whether you know a kid who is interested in cars, or a car-nerd who is a kid at heart, the Lego Speed Champions line nails the enthusiast angle of a car-inspired toy.


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