Outside my window, we’re in that tentative, awkward phase vis-à-vis the weather. It’s Labour Day and no one’s sure what to wear. Sweater? Jacket? Layers? Does the no-white-after-Labour Day rule start at the beginning of the weekend or the end? Does anyone still care?

In B.C., a perfect storm of heritage orchards, government tax breaks, and artisanal fervour are building a specific Pacific Northwest style of craft cider.

John Cote and Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote of Black Fox Gin took a lot of detours on the way to the Best Cask Gin podium at the World Gin Awards in 2017.

These new travel itineraries are tailor-made for adventure-seeking craft beer enthusiasts.

Have you ever read Snow Man by David Albahari? It’s really good. “Provocative insights abound,” The Georgia Straight raved. How about Matthew Kneale’s When We Were Romans? Terrific. “Intense … perfect voice,” said The Globe and Mail. Well, I said those things, and a lot more besides. For 10 years, I reviewed fiction and non-fiction here, there, and everywhere.

The Canadian book industry is big business. In 2001 publishers recorded revenues of over $2.4 billion, more than all the country’s spectator sports combined (NHL included). Every year some 10,000 titles are published in Canada, which is a lot of books, and a lot of paper, too, though some books use up more pulp than others.