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Philips Hue

Bright idea.

Call it a convenience or a breakthrough, handheld devices can control cars, televisions, fridges—and now, light bulbs. Last year, Philips Hue introduced a line of LED-based, app-controlled light bulbs, the latest development in lighting technology. Complete control of the bulb’s settings can be orchestrated with an internet connection via smart phone or computer through the provided application. The scientifically developed “light recipes” emit the optimal light settings for relaxing, concentrating, energizing, and reading. Hue can also produce an array of colours with the added ability to colour match palettes from any photo to recreate the crystal blue sky from the beach or the deep green pine of the forest.

Philips has updated its Hue companion app, releasing Goldee on October 2. One notable feature is the “sunrise” alarm option, which gradually increases light in a room leading up to the wake-up time set. Also included are 10 dynamic “light scenes” inspired by nature. Bringing the outdoors inside, these scenes are composed of colours that change tones gradually as the scene is running, imitating natural light shifts that occur as the sun moves or the weather changes.