Frank Gehry’s Stunning Collaboration with Hennessy X.O

Architectural spirit.

Legendary architect and designer Frank Gehry has designed a stunning decanter to celebrate the iconic product of the renowned French maison Hennessy.

The decanters, all with Gehry’s signature, have been released as a limited edition of just 150.

“While I was excited, it was also daunting because a bottle of cognac is already a work of art—one you can smell, taste, and feel. It doesn’t need embellishment as it’s already there,” says Gehry about the collaboration.

The design is sleek, while retaining the classic characteristics of Hennessy. Each decanter, enveloped in a crinkled sleeve made of bronze dipped in 24-karat gold, is encased in a fractured-glass glorifier.



The extravagance of masterpiece runs in tandem with the legacy of the X.O label. From master blenders to the team of artisans who constructed the finished decanter and casing, this object exudes craftsmanship. It is almost intoxicating, the aura of Gehry’s work mirroring the experience of drinking cognac.

The Hennessy Comité de Dégustation has broken down the Hennessy X.O “taste odyssey” into seven flavour moments: sweet notes, flowing flames, rising heat, chocolate lull, spicy edge, wood crunches, and infinite echo.

For a quarter of a millennium, Maison Hennessy has united aesthetics and taste, and this newest objet d’art is no exception.



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