Celebrating Summer Fruit

Chefs share four sumptuous summer fruit desserts.

Summer Fruits

Summer-turning-autumn is a subtle atmospheric shift. An electric, harvest season undercurrent crisps the air, dries the leaves, and ripens the queenliest fruits of the year—peaches, blackberries, pears—to syrupy, bursting sweetness. The arrival of late summer’s bounty marks the official start of baking season—no longer is the temperature too gruesome to turn on one’s oven, and some of nature’s most fleeting treats are ready for the feasting. Here, four Canadian pastry chefs share summer fruit desserts in tribute to the season, from sweet-tart blackberry macarons to a pear-studded maple financier.

Fruit Desserts, Daily Edit

A pear-studded maple financier cake by Patrice Demers of Montreal’s Patrice Pâtissier.

This article was originally published on August 15, 2017.


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