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The Urban Electric Co.

Urban fixture.

Amidst the mass manufacturing of today, the Urban Electric Co. is a welcome change of pace. Founded by Dave Dawson in Charleston, South Carolina 10 years ago, the lighting firm is celebrated for its handmade designs—a revival of small-scale American craftsmanship. It has produced a portfolio of nearly 300 interior and exterior lighting options, designed by in-house creative director Michael Amato and through collaborations with notable designers and architects such as Steven Gambrel and Darryl Carter. At the hands of its skilled masters and apprentices, its lights are both utilitarian and decorative, and with options for custom orders, you can create your own bespoke beacon too. The 10th anniversary collection of lanterns is a throwback to the company’s heritage and an homage to its heirloom-inspired designs, showing that even with old-world traditions, it can still lead the way.