Max Mara’s Here is the Cube

Warm it up.

NUVO Magazine: Max Mara's Here is the Cube

Evolution and innovation take to the racks for Max Mara’s Here is the Cube collection, a selection of customizable down jackets. Originally created in 2008, the Cube was recently adapted in both form and function for fall/winter 2012, adding extra options for additional layers of finesse. Hood trims, cuffs, and belts provide outside-the-box embellishments, and accompanying glove options in fox fur, mink, lapin, and leather add textural touches to complete each personalized look—you can even add some sparkle for the holiday season with crystal accents. The new Cube models for this season include the Bdouble, which wraps the wearer in a double wool coat with a cosy diamond-quilted down jacket.