Jack Victor’s Remarkably Consistent Tailoring

Casual and sophisticated.

Montreal’s Jack Victor has been a name in Canadian tailoring for well over 100 years. Having peddled clothing from British Columbia to Quebec, Maple Ridge to Montreal, Victor was an enterprising emigrant from Romania who arrived in Quebec City in 1907, opening his first retail store two years later. When he took full ownership of Royal Brand Clothing in 1947, he had a clear idea of exactly what Canadian men wanted in a well-made suit: remarkably consistent tailoring.



Today, Jack Victor’s grandson Alan heads the outfit, and as the venerable brand enjoys the leadership of its founding family’s third generation, little has changed with its high standards. Still made in a Montreal factory using fine Italian fabrics, Jack Victor’s suiting and formalwear is undoubtedly some of the best Canada has to offer.


While honouring the brand’s heritage with its commitment to quality, the company has kept up with the times with its updated silhouettes cut from bold and texturally interesting fabrics. It has also expanded its product line over the years, now offering Italian-made shirts, sweaters, and ties. For Jack Victor, timelessness is found with one eye to the future and another to the past, just like a well-made suit.