F. Miller x Needs&Wants

Toronto's arbiters of nuanced cool unite.


In black-heeled booties, ripped denim, and a blue mohair sweater, Fran Miller, of Toronto-based beauty line F. Miller, exudes minimalist cool. Indeed, 29-year-old Miller cut her teeth in the fashion world before developing her holistic, oil-based line of body and skincare—which may be while the all-natural products look so much more Céline than Birkenstock. F. Miller’s clean, modern, and unisex aesthetic made the skincare company feel like a natural collaborative partner for Sean Brown of Toronto’s upscale clothing brand Needs&Wants Studio, known for its bomber jackets and pared-back staples.

“People love whatever he does,” says Miller of Brown (the two initially bonded over Americanos and a mutual appreciation for all things timeless and refined). “[We both appreciate] effortless essentials, faultless minimalism and understated beauty.” Miller says, “And we are motivated to create products that appeal to Toronto’s growing creative community.”

The duo’s first collaborative project is Candle No.1 (Bougie Parfumée). One hundred of the all-natural hand-poured candles, which smell of sandalwood, blonde cedar, smoky vetiver, and bright bergamot, have been released, making for a very exclusive run, available at Needs&Wants Studio and select boutiques. Creamy-hued soy wax and a popsicle-stick-like wooden wick melds the functional and aesthetic expertly. With room to grow and desire to collaborate further, there is no telling what Miller and Brown will release next.