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An Eye for Detail

Around Beauty by Barbara Barry.

Barbara Barry notices the little things. The interior designer’s monograph, Barbara Barry: Around Beauty, published by Rizzoli last year, is an intimate log of her seasoned processes. Barry is well versed in both the craft and application of interior design—equally as comfortable with laths, plaster, and hand-tied springs as she is with fixtures, votives, and textiles—and her spaces are inspired by everyday details. In her 320-page tome, the doyenne of design speaks to the sentimentality and simplicity of ritual, the strength of a clean white palate, and the art of finding beauty in objects large and small.

“Our well-being pours into us through our senses,” writes Barry. “I think that’s the magic of being human. I know it’s what led me to design. When entering into a dialogue with my clients, it’s my way in. Through sensory interaction, I invite them to return to tactile experience over intellectual experience. I find if they can access a favorite place, uncover a secure feeling, or tap into a moment of warmth, the instinctual desire of what they want their home to provide is unveiled.” Around Beauty showcases her aesthetic of pared down, uptown glamour, and with its striking full-page images, the book is an inspiring detail in its own right.

Photos by David Meredith from Barbara Barry: Around Beauty (Rizzoli NY).