Photographer Riki Shinagawa Captures Japan’s Beauty

Seizing the moment. 

Although major cities in Japan lend themselves to visually striking photography, with their skyscrapers, crowds, and plethora of lights, Riki Shinagawa chooses to capture the country’s natural beauty by responding “to a myriad of opportunities and moments.”



Previously working with different media such as music and fashion, Shinagawa recently chose to funnel his artistic expression through a camera lens, saying photography has the unique ability to capture fleeting moments. The output is a series of compelling works. Here, Shinagawa’s visual narrative Storytelling of My Journey reflects what draws him to photograph Japan, a commonplace spirit of caring for the old, beautiful landscapes.

“Japan continues to be a treasure trove of captivating culture, with many aspects dating back to the Edo period still prevalent today,” he explains. “In places like Kyoto, the charm lies in the architecture of machiya (traditional townhouses), temples, and shrines. Additionally, the allure of Japan for me includes iconic features like Mount Fuji and the quaint, old-fashioned townscapes surrounding it.”


Japan woman in traditional dress


Photography Riki Shinagawa



Japan streets at night Riki Shinagawa


Glass window restaurant


Japan streets by Riki Shinagawa


Japan by Riki Shinagawa


Mt Fuji by Riki Shinagawa


To see more of Shinagawa’s work, visit his Instagram @riki_s7_.