NUVO’s Summer 2022 Menswear Guide

Summertime staples.

It’s summertime once again, and the most important part of any outfit is how little it sticks to your body. And while you may be tempted to pull out those same three ratty pieces you’ve been wearing for the last few summers, it’s high-time that you upgrade your summer wardrobe. After all, there’s nothing sexy about getting sweaty in a cut-off tee. For this guide, we have rounded up seven of the best easy-breezy menswear pieces that will help keep you feeling light in the heavy heat.


Billykirk No. 109 Skinny Belt in Tan

Summer is about paring back your wardrobe. Shirts get thinner, shorts shorter, footwear strappier. Why not apply that same principle to your belt? Billykirk’s No. 109 Skinny Belt is the perfect accompaniment to those saucy short shorts you were convinced to buy by your partner who’s been staring at Milo Ventimiglia’s thighs a little too long. Made in the brand’s Jersey City workshop, this belt is a great way to slim down your look. Go ahead, grill another hot dog, mix another Mai Tai.


Nigel Cabourn Camp Collar Shirt in Off-White Check

Nigel Cabourn is famous for its modernizations of vintage military garb, but for this summer shirt the English brand has set its sights on 1950s civilian attire. From the brightly coloured Tattersall pattern to the splayed camp collar, no detail was overlooked. Wear it after work, while you’re mowing the lawn, drinking a beer, or committing identity theft.


Paraboot Pacific in Brown Vegetable

Sandals can be in one of two camps: superlatively ugly or really cool. These fisherman sandals from French shoemaker Paraboot are the epitome of cool. They are breezy without being effete, elegant but unpretentious, and as well-made as a pair of sandals can be expected to be. These Italian-made beauties are begging you to put away those tired old Crocs, Balenciaga be damned.

Post Overalls E-Z Walkabout Shorts in Drill Natural

Even though short shorts are and will hopefully continue to be on trend, it’s time you incorporated a more flamboyant pair of shorts into your rotation. This pair from Japanese workwear giant Post Overalls are influenced by United States military clothing and feature massive cargo pockets on both legs, back pleats, and a rear waist strap reminiscent of those on vintage Levi’s jeans.


Saturdays New York City Ennis Boardshort in Smoke

In the same way Saturdays, a surf shop, is a rarity in New York, attractive swim trunks are uncommon at local beaches and pools. Luckily, change is in your hands. This Ennis Boardshort is made from a rugged nylon and fastened via both Velcro and drawstring, so you don’t have to worry about anything coming loose during that cannonball.


Snow Peak Noasobi Tote Large

Nothing says summer like a trip to the beach. Nothing says a trip to the beach like a load of unnecessary items poorly packed in random bags, boxes, and coolers. This year, make things easy with Snow Peak’s largest Noasobi tote, a durable bucket bag for any waterside hangout. With 30 litres of capacity, there is no need to try and cram those cheeky Coronas into your old high-school backpack. And thanks to its sturdy construction, you won’t find any lingering sand in your Noasobi bag at the start of next year’s beach season.


Suit Supply Havana Suit in Mid Green

Linen suits live in that weird place between luxury and necessity. On the one hand, they can only be worn a few months out of the year, wrinkle at the slightest breeze, and tend to be overpriced for what you get. But on the other, they make the summer-wedding bottleneck a little more bearable, look good on every body type, and one will last you your entire life. This is all to say: linen suits should be well-made but affordable, which is pretty much Suit Supply’s tagline. This Havana Suit is cut from an almost-gray linen sourced from Italy’s famed Solbiati Mill. It looks so good that you might be tempted to wear it out in winter too.