Design Space: Aesop Palisades Village by Odami

A verdant storefront in Los Angeles.

Toronto-based architecture and interior design studio Odami embraces biophilia for its latest project, a new Aesop store in Los Angeles’s Palisades Village. Odami founders Aránzazu González Bernardo and Michael Fohring took inspiration from the area’s natural surroundings and architecture, including the nearby house acclaimed local architect, the late Ray Kappe.

From floor to ceiling, the new Odami shop is awash in a pale sage green and finished with microcement for a tactile and earthy stucco-like element. The sea of green is broken up with stainless steel and warm reclaimed wood display shelves, a nod to the brand’s apothecary roots.


A large skylight lets in natural light that not only illuminates the products but also the indoor garden directly below it, teeming with plants. Butting against it is a large green double sink lined with products to sample.

Globe wall sconces and smaller pot lights offer additional lighting. Along the back wall, a velvet floor-to-ceiling curtain in the same verdant hue keeps storage for extra inventory and a utility room out of sight, shimmering in the light and maintaining the store’s uncluttered calm.

Photography by Rafael Gamo.