Migaloo’s Submersible Superyachts

Luxury's new frontier.

NUVO Daily Edit: Luxury's New Frontier

If the surface of the world has begun to feel like not quite enough, consider exploring previously inaccessible sub-aquatic territory in your own fully submersible superyacht. Now, thanks to Austria-based design firm Migaloo, independent, luxury deep-sea exploration can be alternative to vacationing in Portofino or St. Barth’s.

Migaloo proposes designs for bespoke and pre-engineered submersible superyachts adherent to the U.S. Navy’s Subsafe safety standards. The stuff of futuristic gadget fantasy come to life, the superyachts are the first of their kind in the world. Pre-engineered, the yachts come with the features of a five-star boutique hotel: on-board VIP suites, conference rooms, gym facilities, restaurants, and bars. When submerged, underwater views of humpback whales and schools of fish can be enjoyed from three large viewing galleries in the saloon, lounge, and dining room. Not only can Migaloo customers traverse the mysteries of the deep—they can enjoy a nice meal as they do it.

Prefer to remain above sea level? Migaloo also offers the Kokomo Ailand, a completely customizable, man-made floating island. The inspiration for this ideal Bond-villain lair arose when Christian Gumpold, managing director and chief designer of Migaloo, and his team considered the needs of their clients. Where might one house their submersible superyacht during the off-season? The Kokomo Ailand is designed to be “a permanent base to match the submarine, and from where one can explore the sea,” Gumpold explains. “The space on deck is incredible compared to a yacht of the same length.” Details like spa centres, Jacuzzis with glass bottoms, beach clubs, and dining and social areas can be designed across multiple decks and are personalized to suit the owner’s taste. Proposed blueprints of the island are inspired by nature, with jungle- and garden-themed levels that feature palm trees, vertical gardens, and ponds, reflecting “the beauty of a secret hideaway,” Gumpold enthuses. Due to the large amount of interior space, Gumpold also suggests considering underwater dining areas or a shark-feeding station.

Is anyone yet the proud owner of a Migaloo superproduct? “We are in intense negotiation with several potential clients,” says Gumpold.