Bell Lamp

A Louis Vuitton lantern.

NUVO Blog: Louis Vuitton Bell Lamp

London-based design studio BarberOsgerby has a prestigious track record of creating monumental lights; they were the design minds responsible for the official London 2012 Olympic torch. When Louis Vuitton approached Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby to mastermind a lamp for their Objets Nomades collection the duo turned their focus to a nomadic way of life: adding a hefty dose of natural elegance, and fusing hi-tech innovation with artisanal glassblowing to create the Bell Lamp. A modern day lantern of sorts, the, frosted glass “bell”—created out of Murano glass in Venice—is cradled by Nomade leather straps. Within, the solar-powered lamp (it can also be recharged conventionally) emits a diffuse, daytime-like light that can be adjusted by four brightness settings. Lanterns were made to travel, of course, so the design includes an extra twist of leather strap for a well-lit adventure to, well, just about anywhere.