Alpessence’s 24 Hour Renewing Cream

Swiss luxury beauty line Alpessence is no stranger to the process of imbuing skin creams with deluxe, seemingly incongruous add-ons. They craft lotions with diamonds, for starters, as well as malachite, pearls, platinum, caviar, and alpine rose stem cells. While upon first glance the efficacy of such ingredients may be dubious, Alpessence offers compelling scientific research to support their inclusion. Take their new 24 Hour Renewing Cream, which contains platinum: the precious metal’s nanoparticles have a naturally high absorption rate, enabling it to seep deeply into the epidermis rather than sit on the skin’s surface. As it sinks in, the platinum conveys vitamins, minerals, and other anti-aging peptides in the cream, rejuvenating tired skin. Upon testing, after one night of use skin is noticeably smoother, fresher, and plumper. After a week, any open, dry pores are minimized, hydration is fully restored, and skin looks and feels youthful and elastic—proving platinum doesn’t only look lovely worn against one’s skin, but can make a difference within it, too.