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Frescobol Carioca

Sand sport.

While you may not have heard of Frescobol, the popular South American sport has been a prominent pastime on the beaches of Brazil since the 1940s. Not unlike other racquet sports, the objective between two players is to keep the ball in motion without it touching ground. When high tide came and serious players wanted better quality equipment, Frescobol Carioca came answering. Capturing the essence and style of Rio de Janeiro, the apparel brand has been producing a range of beachwear and seaside accessories since 2009.

The company is now synonymous with their Frescobol beach bat sets, handcrafted by Brazilian artisans working with reclaimed wood offcuts which are carefully selected and paired to give each set a distinct look and feel. Each paddle is finished with a surfboard resin for polish, shine, and durability. Neoprene is applied to the handle for easy control and play, and it wouldn’t quite have a true Brazilian touch without a pop of bright colour. Each set comes with two racquets, two rubber balls, and a waterproof case—everything you need for a playful rally on the sand.