Seigo Nakamura, of Aburi Restaurants, revolutionized the sushi scene in Canada with the introduction of flame-seared aburi sushi. His accolades include Miku, Gyoza bar, Minami, and the newly opened sushi-conveyor belt concept Tora in Toronto.

The much-fêted chef has amassed numerous accolades over the course of his career, yet he counts mentoring his employees among his greatest accomplishments.

Chef J.C. Poirier brings a taste of Quebec to Vancouver with his newest restaurant, St. Lawrence.

Chef Angus An cooks in such a way that transcends the rigidity of traditional dishes, embracing the bounty of local Canadian ingredients and fluidly interpreting them in a progressive Thai context.

“In Salt We Trust”—Vancouver Island Salt Co.’s slogan. Tattooed in two-inch-high negative block letters against a thick black band, it boldly encircles Andrew Shepherd’s left bicep.

FROM THE ARCHIVE:Pie is the quintessential comfort food, imbued with memory and nostalgia. Almost everyone has a pie story to tell, whether it’s how Grandma’s house smelled as she set about her baking on a summer afternoon or the jokes that flew around the dinner table as dessert was dished out after a Thanksgiving feast.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Fruitcake. It’s a word that strikes fear in the hearts of even the most diehard dessert fan. The holiday gift that everyone dreads, it conjures visceral memories of inedible, leaden creations chock full of luridly coloured and artificial-tasting fruit.

In the days before supermarkets sealed mass-produced cuts of meat in a Cellophane-and-Styrofoam sarcophagus, people brought home their daily protein from a local butcher, each package wrapped in brown paper and twine. Allan Bosomworth and Karl Gregg wanted to rekindle that passion and care by opening Big Lou’s Butcher Shop in Vancouver.

When serendipity struck in 2001, Karinna James heeded its call. She was awoken by a dream of opening a tea salon, one that offered guests a distinctive sensory tea experience. Little did she know that fulfilling this dream would take her on a global adventure across three continents with her husband, Tom, and her daughter, Casey.