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Sian Zeng’s Magnetic Wallpaper

Fanciful meets finesse.

London-based design company Sian Zeng has managed to do the impossible: indulge a child’s impulse to use a household wall as a canvas, while keeping home décor defacement-free.

Sian Zeng’s magnetic wallpaper seamlessly synthesizes childhood whimsy and adult propriety. A simple magnetic receptive liner is installed between a patterned wallpaper of choice and the desired wall, resulting in the creation of a magnetic canvas that spans as high as a child can reach. The company has just released two new collections: the Woodlands pattern is a mauve forest among a toile of flowers, delicate outstretched hands, cottages, and woodsy fauna, and the Dino line is adorned with grey or pale green dinosaurs, cacti, and prehistoric foliage on a soft white background.

A variety of corresponding magnets can be purchased—geese, hedgehogs, and dinosaurs dressed in turn-of-the-century clothing, winged pigs, or a dry-wipe speech bubble—and children are set free to decorate, creating tiny narratives of extraordinary elegance.