The Vancouver-based multidisciplinary creative heads a practice that cultivates a fluid position between the fields of design, invention, sculpture, and architecture.

Ian Williams is concerned with social honesty expressed through immaculate craft. In a time when many novels try to jockey for the hippest or most woke, Williams deals with the messy ambiguities, which is why a family is the perfect vehicle.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: For half a century David Suzuki has been a cautioning voice about our stewardship of the planet.

His buildings, sustainable design philosophy, and commitment to public art win the Westbank founder awards and kudos around the world, but at home he’s a polarizing figure.

Frank Giustra used to make money to make money. Now he makes money to make a difference.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: “You throw yourself on the benevolence of the world, believing some kind of wisdom will come of it.” —Canadian explorer Wade Davis

Co-founded by JJ and Shannon Wilson in July 2014, Kit and Ace is Canada’s most rapidly expanding fashion line, born from the merits of a single textile.

Bob Rennie’s love of art and his passion for collecting were sparked on a trip to San Francisco in 1974.

Existing well outside the mould of the average wristwatch, Greubel Forsey timepieces are unencumbered by market trends, groupthink, or a relentless pursuit of the bottom line.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: When Louis Vuitton decided to create a watch collection, it built a state-of-the-art workshop from the ground up near La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland’s Jura Mountains, the epicentre of the country’s watchmaking district.

There is a lot that happens in the five milliseconds before Milos Raonic smashes his tennis racket against the ball he just tossed above his head. The head itself (with once wild, now professionally coiffed, hair) is locked back in rapt attention. Six thousand sets of eyes in the arena are focused on that little yellow ball.