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Chanel Timepieces

NUVO at Baselworld.

A brand that knows well how to keep its message unfettered and alive is Chanel. Its presence at Basel is an impressive one, a star among stars, and the Chanel J12 watch is having a coming out party, on the 10th anniversary of its white ceramic model.

Chanel has the Première, the Mademoiselle Privé, and the J12 timepiece series, and each has innovations this year. The Première watches were the first series launched by the company, slim with a braided gold strap. There are several iterations of the main theme: slender elegance in true Chanel style. The Mademoiselle series offers some new art pieces, such as the Mademoiselle Privé in sculpted mother-of-pearl. Some are available only as a set of two, or sometimes even three—all are as close to works of art as you might wish to find in a watch.

Finally, the J12, the house’s big statement is offered in an increasingly wide variety of colour schemes. This year brings a striking touch of blue to reflect Karl Lagerfeld’s near obsession with that colour, and to tie in with the Chanel Bleu fragrance. The J12 runs the range, from an entry-level ceramic all the way to a magnificent diamond-studded affair that still maintains the brand’s sense of taste and flair. Chanel’s new campaign is about “L’Instant”, emphasizing a joie de vivre that in many ways emanates from these collections.