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Skin Care By Woodlot

Beauty rituals.

It’s been five years since Vancouver’s Sonia Chhinji and Fouad Farraj began their natural home and body company Woodlot by handmaking soaps and candles in their own kitchen using all-natural ingredients. In a sea of crafty competition, Woodlot quickly distinguished itself, thanks in large part to the refined design of its packaging, its quality, and its uncommonly sophisticated scent blends, not to mention Chhinji and Farraj’s ambition. Soap and candles may be the line’s bread and butter, but Woodlot has expanded thoughtfully over the years to include essential oil blends for diffusers, body lotions, and now skin care.

“We wanted to focus on keeping the skin-care line as concise as possible and products that most of us use on a daily or weekly basis,” explains Chhinji of the new line, comprised of a buttery cleansing balm, ground almond-based exfoliant, moisturizer, toner, face oil, and a green tea and clay mask. “Our focus has always been to create products that our customers can bring into their everyday life that provide them with ease and joy.”

The line is approachable and inclusive of most skin types, including sensitive skin, and contain no dyes or fragrances. The products, as Chhinji explains, are intended to be easy to use and beautiful as well—which, in their pastel-labelled glass containers, they certainly are.


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