The World’s Most Expensive Bagel

The $1,000 bagel at the Westin New York.

$1,000 Bagel

Looking to add a little glamour to your morning meal? The Westin New York at Times Square has just the thing: the world’s most expensive bagel. The hotel debuted the grandiose baked good in 2007, and despite only selling a handful, has received requests for its return every year since. After a decade, they acquiesced. Known quite simply as the “$1,000 bagel”, it comes with a generous smear of Alba white truffle-laced cream cheese and gold leaf-flecked Riesling jelly infused with goji berries.

If you do choose to order the extravagant treat, you needn’t feel too self-indulgent—all proceeds will go to the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. Just be sure to order in advance (24 hours, to be exact) and soon: the bagels will only be available during the limited truffle season, from November 1 until December 15.


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