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A St. John’s Coffee Guide

Where to find the best coffee in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

St. John’s, Newfoundland, has no shortage of choice when it comes to finding that perfect cup of coffee. The local coffee scene rivals those of much bigger cities, offering unexpected breadth for aficionados. The city’s colourful downtown is laden with interesting cafes, and a growing enthusiasm for specialty coffee has spurred local companies to expand, and new cafes to open their doors. Explore the capital city through caffeine by checking out these recommended locales.

The Battery Café 
In 2016, the Battery Café opened in a majorly renovated space previously occupied by a rundown corner store. Tourists, locals, and coffee lovers of all stripes frequent the charming space, which boasts a walk-up window for hikers and dog walkers to grab a cup to go. The café serves Detour Coffee, an Ontario roaster which Battery general manager Steven Fairdosi appreciates for its nuance. “[Detour] really make the farmer the star of the coffee,” says Fairdosi “There’s more to it than just hot caffeine; there’s a story to it.” 1 Duckworth Street.

Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food
Rocket is a cultural hub of downtown St. John’s, and arguably the genesis of the city’s local specialty coffee scene. The spacious café opened in 2011 and has since been a fixture for coffee lovers. Rocket brews with beans from three of Canada’s premier roasters: Phil & Sebastian, Social Coffee & Tea, and Classic Gourmet Coffee. Phil & Sebastian coffees are all roasted to a light or medium level to avoid roast remnants, making them particularly popular. The frequent crowds of this somewhat retro staple are worth braving for an impeccable cappuccino. 272 Water Street.

Fixed Coffee and Baking
A local favourite since it opened in 2012, this bustling corner café by Harbourside Park serves premium coffee brewed six cups at a time or by pour-over in an unabashedly hip atmosphere. With its eclectic furnishings and bright interior, one could assume Fixed was more scene than substance, but that would be a misjudgement. The café is meticulous, and serves medium-roasted, single origin beans from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia’s Anchored Coffee in order to illuminate the complex flavours of their ever-changing crops. 183 Duckworth Street.

Element Coffee Bar and Lounge
A coffee shop and a bar might not be the most intuitive pairing, but Element Coffee Bar and Lounge wears its two hats well. This fully-licensed recent addition to the St. John’s coffee scene has a laid-back and quiet atmosphere during the day, when it sells Intelligentsia coffee, and livens up when the cocktail menu comes out at night. 516 Topsail Road.

Jumping Bean
When in St. John’s, you are bound to come across Jumping Bean Coffee. Having dramatically expanded since its inception over a decade ago, the company’s eco-friendly, locally roasted and packaged beans are now even available in compostible Keurig compatible cups. “We’re really the only game in town when it comes to large-scale roasting,” says marketing manager George Murray. Jumping Bean has four signature blends ranging from light to dark, and their franchise location on Elizabeth Avenue is particularly well-designed and lively. “We give that premium coffee experience, but at a really reasonable price in a welcoming environment,” said Murray. 37 Elizabeth Avenue.

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