5 Liquor Trends Taking Us Into Summer

Ahead of the curve.

The sultry days of summer have arrived, and decks and patios beckon enticingly with the potent promise of relaxing in the shade. A cool glass of something is all that’s needed to complete the picture.

This summer, some liquor trends endure while others have burst onto the scene like a delightful surprise. Thanks to kombucha ferments, you can now easily imbibe while keeping that healthy glow, and the new CBD offerings on the market provide a conversation starter, if nothing else.

Here, find out more about the top-trending drinks of 2021—stay cool and be well.

Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Mixology is no longer a mystery with the myriad premade cocktails widely available and requiring nothing further than an ice-filled glass to enjoy it tastily. Leave the tools of the trade and the headache of adding this bitter or that liqueur to the professionals. Less time behind the bar means more time to kick back, relax, and soak up the summer sun—no shaking, no stirring required.

Think: Pixie Petite Rosé Spritzer by Rosehall Run Vineyards, 5.5% ABV

Low-Alcohol and Low-Sugar Options

This summer, stay trim and sharp with a delicious drink with less sweetness or lower strength—try a top-shelf product that shaves off a few calories or alcohol percentage points. This can save us from looking older, getting bigger, moving slower, and feeling bluer, without sacrificing any of the enjoyable taste. You get all the pleasure of your favourite beverage while preserving the temple of your body and mind.

Think: Lumbersexual Session IPA by Covered Bridge Brewing, 3.5% ABV

CBD infusions

Cannabidiol or CBD—the soft-spoken, nonintoxicating relative of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—from the recently liberated cannabis plant can now be enjoyed in tasty libations. Finding a summer refresher that also relieves pain, elevates mood, promotes brain and heart function, and even helps provide a healthy complexion is not only on trend, it’s just plain smart.

Think: Everie Lemon Lime CBD Sparkling from Cannabis NB, 10 mg CBD

Kombucha Ferments

For thousands of years, the oddity that is kombucha has been produced and enjoyed the world over, with the well-being trend recently bringing it into Western focus. A benevolent bacterial-and-yeast combination used to ferment tea, it lends itself well to blending with other fermentables while offering antioxidants, probiotics, and anticarcinogens, as well as lowering cholesterol. Who knew staying healthy could taste so good?

Think: Pombucha Cider + Kombucha by DrinkLab, 4% ABV

Botanical Additions

Botanicals are simply plant derivatives, but they are currently the word du jour when it comes to all things health related. Introduce your favourite spirit to the mix, and botanicals have the added bonus of flavour enhancement. Take, for instance, Labrador Tea, a flavourful botanical addition that purportedly boosts respiration, kidneys, digestion, complexion, and immunity. Pair it with a nightcap, and you can enjoy your on-the-rocks après dinner and do your body good.

Think: The Forager Botanical Whisky by Forty Creek, 40% ABV