Cocoa Body Exfoliant by Fresh

Cocoa crush.

NUVO Winter 2015: Cocoa Body Exfoliant, Of Note

Close your eyes and inhale: the aroma is deceptively that of fresh brownie batter, ready for the oven. Open your eyes to reveal a jar of Cocoa Body Exfoliant, the new cocoa concoction from Fresh (the line expanded with a Cocoa Body exfoliating soap this November). Blending the crushed shells of coconut and cocoa bean with cocoa butter and extract for a dual buff-and-moisturize effect, this decadent mixture is also rich with nutritive flavonoids for your skin. According to company founder Lev Glazman, the new addition to the Fresh portfolio captures “the addictive essence of chocolate—its seductive aroma, its velvety texture, the euphoria it evokes—for a full-on sensorial experience.”