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Chocolate Arts

Art of allure.

“Every time I think I know anything about chocolate,” says artisan chocolatier Greg Hook, “I start to rethink it.” This curiosity led the owner of Vancouver’s Chocolate Arts to take part in Or Noir and Cacao Barry’s chocolate program in France, and concoct his very own recipe. Tailored to his exact preferences from bean to bar, Hook’s signature blend goes by the name of Allure, and incorporates Mexican, Dominican, and Peruvian beans for a fruity and decadent 71.1 per cent dark chocolate. Allure is available in chocolates (enrobed bites or tablet bars) and eclairs; melted into hot chocolate at the Chocolate Arts café; or folded into a flourless chocolate mousse cake. Hook had to order a minimum one-ton shipment of his Allure blend, so Chocolate Arts won’t be running out of the sweet stuff anytime soon.