Cyrc’s Eco-Friendly 3D-Printed Designs

For a better planet.

Cyrc’s establishment as an environmentally conscious home furnishings store doesn’t rely on the illusion that every bookend or side table you purchase will be passed down for generations. Instead, its durable decor items made from recyclable materials without glues or paints are designed with their end in mind.

The Montreal company, launched last year, produces a series of design objects, including vases, desk organizers, and hooks, with furniture coming soon. The Double U Fruit Bowl, a rounded inverted S shape, is a playful and unexpected answer to the run-of-the-mill fruit bowl, with holes in the bottom to allow for circulation that keeps produce fresher for longer. Taking cues from Dutch tulip vases, eight smaller tubes surround a larger opening in the candelabra-like Mariette Vase (pictured) for creative flower-arranging possibilities. Striations on the exterior add a textured dimension to the regal piece.


Photo by Alex Lesage.


Made from recycled PETG or PLA, a fermented plant starch, Cyrc’s pieces are 3D printed so products can be quickly made to order, reducing wasteful overproduction. When you’re done with the piece, send it back to Cyrc or register the new owner, for easy pickup and recycling—a circular lifespan for every thoughtfully designed object to create a better planet.