Home Fragrances by Dr. Vranjes

Olfactory delight.

NUVO Magazine: Dr. Vranjes Home Fragrances

A waft of the sophisticated aroma magnetically pulls you to discover the source: the essences of Dr. Vranjes. In his boutique laboratory in the heart of Florence, Dr. Vranjes, chemist turned artisan perfumer, has mastered the art of aromatherapy with a collection of home fragrances including diffusers, candles, linen fragrances, and sprays. Intoxicating scents fill the bottles, which are reminiscent of Brunelleschi’s magnificent Duomo. Melograno, Tuberosa Mughetto, Fuoco, Petali di Rose—the scent repertoire is extensive, each one crafted to enhance a room and enchant the senses. Dr. Vranjes founded the Antica Officina del Farmacista in Florence in 1983, and 30 years on, he continues to create olfactory delights.