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Toronto Jeweller Holly Dyment

Bijoux bobbles.

Fine jewellery undergoes a surrealist, pop-art treatment at the hands of Toronto interior designer–turned–jeweller Holly Dyment, whose offbeat motifs (think evil eyes, full lips, and grinning skulls) suit theatrical dressers and anyone who prefers their bijoux bittersweet. While past collections have alluded to everything from 17th-century memento mori rings to zodiac signs, Dyment’s new works make reference to ornate Georgian jewellery—elaborate mismatched earrings are crafted with colourful gems and blackened 18-karat white gold. “I love mixing colours and contrasts are my trademark, as is enamel,” says Dyment, who visits Jaipur, India, biannually to oversee the creation of her collections.


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