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Amedei Chocolate

Treasured treat.

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Chocolate is the universally loved treat that tempts us everywhere from vending machines to chic boutiques. Amedei, founded in 1990, is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Tuscany whose founder, Cecilia Tessieri, takes such pride in quality that it took eight years before the chocolatier produced itsĀ first bar of chocolate: the Toscano Black 70. From chocolate bars to chocolate spreads, pralines and napolitains, the exceptional character of the chocolate speaks for itself. Tessieri proudly holds the title of first female master chocolatier, proving that studying chocolate, like studying wine, takes time and focus to understand the different terroirs and the flavours they yield. With Amedei, each taste invokes a heartfelt emotion, nary a regret for indulging.


Post Date:

April 30, 2015