Autumn 2015


Olfactory design.

Fragrance can evoke mood, place, or, in the case of French candle maker Germauld, complete scenarios inspired by the life of Mademoiselle Simone, who founded the line in 1947.

Designer Kim Haller.

In physics, string theory suggests the universe is made up of tangled strings. While sometimes contested, this concept aptly describes the universe of knitwear designer Kim Haller.

Swedish mattress masters ensure the highest quality of sleep.

Swedish brand Hästens has been “crafting sleep”—and artisanal beds—since 1852, a time when my ancestors were still sleeping on straw or in hammocks below-decks on a whaling ship.

The Omega Speedmaster: first watch on the moon.

The moon is such a familiar sight we often don’t give it a second glance. Yet it was not that long ago that Omega and the rest of the world looked to the moon.

A beloved staple.

As the air turns crisp, signs of the harvest appear everywhere. While those on the prairies may be accustomed to seeing golden fields ripe with wheat, many Canadians never think about the harvest of another staple grain: rice.

Ermenegildo Zegna and Maserati team up to make the best-dressed car.

In recent years, automobile manufacturers have responded to the increased demand for “personal” with special designer editions created in collaboration with fashion houses.

COS comes to Canada.

Unlike many logos, the COS emblem speaks directly to the label’s sartorial aesthetic: all clean and white, with slender grey shaded lines to create the shapes of letters, it evokes subtle structure and silhouette.

Chef Antonio Park.

At first glance, the crowd at Park restaurant would seem the envy of any restaurateur.