Domenica Fiore Olive Oil

Italy’s tectonic treat.

NUVO Magazine: Domenica Fiore Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil

Canadian-Italian entrepreneur Frank Giustra may have just started his olive oil business three years ago, but thanks to soil dense with prehistoric and volcanic nutrients in the Umbria region of Italy, Domenica Fiore Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oils are as robust in flavour as they are in geologic history. Formed on an ancient seabed, the soil composition lends itself to near perfect growing conditions for Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio, and Canino olive varieties, and the high altitude negates a need for chemical pesticides. Both Olio Novello and Olio Reserva blends are nitrogen sealed in stainless steel bottles, packaging that guarantees nutrients and flavour stay intact from the orchard to the table.