Courvoisier Gives Its Classic Cognac the Royal Treatment

XO Royal.

Maison Courvoisier—the cognac house founded by Félix Courvoisier in Jarnac, France, in 1828—isn’t resting on its laurels. After unveiling a whole new look for its three standard cognacs in early 2022, the iconic brand is back at it with the release of its new XO Royal, an ultrapremium cognac that honours Courvoisier’s long association with Europe’s royal courts. The XO Royal is made from Fins Bois de Jarnac blended with Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie from the region’s most notable vineyards. In a teardrop-shaped bottle topped with a glass stopper embellished with facets, Courvoisier’s XO Royal is meant to be enjoyed during the most regal of evenings.